Obama's Spotify Playlist: Raphael Saadiq, Sugarland

Hip-hop is notably missing from the 28-song playlist.

Getty Images

President Obama tweeted his 2012 campaign Spotify playlist and it shows musical tastes as diverse as his family background, according to Philly.com.

Obama, who broke into a rendition of Al Green's song "Let's Stay Together" at the Apollo Theater last month (the video of which went viral and boosted sales for the legendary soul singer), released the 28-song playlist yesterday. It's a compilation of his and his campaign staff's favorites.

Below are the songs on the playlist:

1. Raphael Saadiq, "Keep Marchin'"

2. Noah and the Whale, "Tonight's the Kind of Night"

3. Bruce Springsteen, "We Take Care of Our Own"

4. Zac Brown Band, "Keep Me in Mind"

5. Aretha Franklin, "The Weight" 

6. U2, "Even Better Than the Real Thing"

7. Ricky Martin, "The Best Thing About Me Is You," featuring Joss Stone