Obama Leads Romney, Santorum in Matchups

The president widens his lead against the struggling GOP field of candidates.

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While Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney criss-cross the state of Michigan hoping to win the next important Republican primary, a poll suggests President Obama is widening the gap in head-to-head matchups with them come November, according to the Daily News.

In a new Politico/George Washington University Battleground poll, President Obama leads the former Massachusetts governor and former Pennsylvania senator by 10 and 11 points respectively.

"We've not been talking about which would do a better job of running against Obama. We've been talking about who is the most or who is the least conservative," Republican pollster Ed Goeas of the Tarrance Group told Politico. "That is a problem for Republicans."

A third of Americans also believe that the country is on the right track; and while that is a low number for a president near re-election, it's twice what it was in November of 2011, according to Politico.

A recent Morning Call poll also showed that Obama would defeat Santorum in his own home state of Pennsylvania. He would also defeat Romney.

The prolonged battle for the Republican nomination, which looks as if it will stretch into late spring or early summer, will be a big help to President Obama. He won't have to focus on an individual candidate until then and will be able to continue focusing on his job and not who his opponent may be.

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