Hot Trends From Fashion Week 2012

Leather, fur and retro chic are just some of the looks that ruled the runway for the fall season.

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Spanish designer Custo Barcelona went wild with color and texture, incorporating hand-knit hems with fur inlays on sleeves and waistlines. Never afraid of color, he served up plenty with mixed patterns and textures. There was even a pair of lace-up boots with hand-knit leggings. Hot.

Marc Jacobs took drama to a new level with oversize hats and extra-wide sumptuous coats. Many of these looks were topped with large, hand-crocheted stoles finished with huge shawl pins.

3.1 Phillip Lim featured slim pants and bulky sweaters with tons of black and white. One of his standout sweaters was a gray, hand-knit drapey cape-coat. (There were lots of capes around, likely indicative of global warming eliminating the need for heavy coats.)

Project Runway's Korto Momolu presented a few key looks, primarily evening gowns that she says represent "the clothes I want to wear that I don't see in the stores." On several pieces, she presented oversize handmade infinity circles.


For when women want to stay warm or just furrily fabulous, there was plenty of fur to behold. Celebrity stylist Carlton Jones pointed out, "Fur was absolutely everywhere, more than I've seen in years." And so it was. In insets on suits and jackets to decadent coats and jackets, in every color under the sun. A few standouts: Dennis Basso served up his classic pieces, most notably a chunky red-dyed chinchilla jacket topping a charcoal-grey wool sheath. His tiny shrug jackets were pretty. And Basso's oversize fur bags were yummy to behold.

DKNY showed a wine-dyed fur jacket with an oversize matching leather belt and skirt. Young and edgy.

Tracy Reese presented faux fur in a form-fitting coat with fur inlays on the sleeves.


Skins are in. Alexander Wang brought them with cuts that dare you to defy the woman wearing it. Long, fitted, black leather skirts and coats paired with web-knitted sheer turtlenecks made for a modern look.

Fashion Week 2012 Trends: Photos

From prim and proper at Tracy Reese to retro chic at Oscar de la Renta, check out the top trends from 2012 New York Fashion Week.