Limbaugh: Media Are Covering Up Obama Secrets

The controversial right-wing commentator attacks the first family again.

Daily News

In the midst of the Republican race, we almost forgot about right-wing commentator Rush Limbaugh, but the Republican blowhard always manages to remind us he's still around. On Monday he said that the media are deliberately covering up the Obama family's secrets.

A new book titled The Obamas by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor was the target of Limbaugh's angst today on his radio show. The book describes various happenings in the Obama White House -- most notably the tension between first lady Michelle Obama and the president's staff.

Limbaugh specifically zeroed in on a lavish, Tim Burton-designed Halloween party at the White House in 2009. According to the book, the White House downplayed the event to not seem out of touch with economically struggling voters. Limbaugh wondered why the mainstream media never reported on this event.

"No way the press didn't know about this," he said.