FAMU Dismisses Students Charged With Hazing

In today's link roundup: Four band members face misdemeanor charges. Plus: Hollywood's solid interracial marriage.  

Dismissed FAMU students (ABC27)

FAMU dismisses students charged with hazing: In a separate story from the one surrounding drum major Robert Champion's death, four students charged last week with hazing pledges of a marching band club known as the Clones have been dismissed from the school.

Hollywood's solid interracial marriages: It may be over for Heidi and Seal, but these pairs on the list Madamenoire pulled together are still going strong. We're guessing that when it comes to keeping a celebrity relationship together, the pressures of fame present a much bigger challenge than ethnic differences.

Black conservatives gather to talk about gaining strength: "Most black people don't think alike; most black people just vote alike" is one philosophy of African-American conservatives, including former Republican Rep. from Oklahoma J.C. Watts, who got together recently to try to expand their ranks.

Photos from a year in Tahrir: Check out the extraordinary pictures from "Egypt's ground zero," courtesy of Foreign Policy magazine.

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