Black Teens Beat Up White Man Over N-Word Lecture

An Iraq War veteran complains about use of the n-word on a bus and receives a beating.


An Iraq War veteran was beaten up by a group of young black teenagers after he admonished them for saying the n-word and the b-word on public transportation.

Jim Hardie of Lacey, Wash., who has been riding the same bus for two years to go out looking for a job, decided to voice his feelings on a group of teens' use of the n-word.

"Given the nature of what we've gone through with the word 'n---er,' it's not appropriate to loosely throw that word around or refer to white women as white bitches, and I'd appreciate if they stopped that," said Hardie in the video.

After he voiced his displeasure, the group of teenagers beat him up, eventually exiting the bus and leaving him there dazed.

"I put myself at risk to protect everybody," he told King 5 News.

"At the end of the day, everybody on that bus was safer; at the end of the day good prevailed," said Hardie's brother Jefferey. Hardie decided against filing a police report and didn't suffer any serious injuries. The video shows passengers applauding his actions.

In the end, though, how did this man keep people on the bus safe? Safe from what? Words? While those words are derogatory, they weren't hurting anyone.

Good didn't truly prevail here because these kids and plenty of others of all races will continue to use the bus and use the same type of language. While Hardie had good intentions, what he did was ultimately irrational, because he just admonished the kids instead of trying to talk to them civilly without coming off as only his opinion is "right."

In response to all the commentary, I wish to clarify: This man didn't deserve the beating he got at the hands of these bad kids. I wish he would press charges against them because they actually need to learn from this experience. In the end, while I disagree with the beating, I just wish he would have gone about this in a different manner.


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