Trump: I'd Do Great With Black Voters

We have to give him some credit for believing in himself. 


You remember when Donald Trump said "the blacks" loved him, right? Well, evidently he still hasn't let that idea go, despite his racialized attacks on Obama's intelligence and citizenship that rubbed so many African Americans the wrong way. Oh, and those pesky little conservative policy positions that just about everyone agrees would be bad news for the black community if the Apprentice host ended up in the White House.

On On the Record last night, he told host Greta Van Susteren that he believes a third-party candidate could beat out a Republican and Barack Obama. And he thinks he could be that candidate, with a big boost from -- you guessed it -- African-American votes.

We demand that whoever once gave Trump a friendly pound or called him "brother" step forward and take responsibility for his comically and stubbornly skewed sense of the way he's perceived.

Listen to the comments here, courtesy of Fox News:

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