Terrence Howard Says Ex Was Racist, Abusive

The actor claims that his ex-wife called him a monkey and the n-word during their marriage.

Terrence and Michelle Howard

One thing Hollywood isn't short on is nasty divorces. But the case of Terrence Howard and his now ex-wife has to take the cake. In a filing in Los Angeles County Superior Court yesterday, Howard claimed this his ex-wife on several occassions called him a monkey and the n-word and threatened to have him killed by a group of Russians.

Howard's ex-wife, Michelle Howard, who isn't black, allegedly said things like "I never wanted to marry a n--ger in the first place" and "I definitely didn't want to be the stepmother of some n--ger kids."

Howard claims Michelle is trying to extort him over some private recordings she found on his computer. She has yet to respond to any of her ex-husband's allegations. He also claimed that she cracked him over the head with a bottle twice after suspecting him of cheating.

Now, while everything that Michelle allegedly said was unacceptable and over the line, what man in his right mind would stay in any type of relationship with someone who degrades him, his children and his race in that manner? It's hard to feel sorry for Terrence -- or to respect any man who chooses to sit through that type of verbal and physical abuse.

On the bright side, we have something to look forward to in the new year: The hearing is set for Jan 17.

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