Ron Paul Denies Writing Racist Newsletter

"Everyone knows I didn't write them," he says. 


Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul is insisting that he had nothing to do with a series of newsletters that contained slurs against homosexuals and African Americans, the Huffington Post reports:

Newsletters bearing Ron Paul's name have been regularly published since the 1970s, with several including harsh statements toward minority groups, according to a 2008 piece by The New Republic. The question of whether Paul wrote the newsletters recently resurfaced, with many questioning if a lack of a byline was enough evidence to prove Paul did not pen the eyebrow-raising letters.

"Everybody knows I didn't write them," Paul said during a Tuesday campaign stop in New Hampshire. "It's not my sentiment, so it's sort of politics as usual."

Nothing really shocks us anymore, but Paul does seem like the least likely of the GOP contenders to be associated with such content. Do you believe him? 

Read more at the Huffington Post.

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