Daily Job Lead: Online Media Buyer

Acquinity Interactive in New York City seeks an online media buyer.


Acquinity Interactive in New York City is seeking an online media buyer to help develop its performance-based display network. The media buyer will set up retargeting campaigns on brands including Sweepstakes.com, HealthProfessor.com and AmericanCreditReport.com and will test online media campaigns with specific performance-based objectives and expand them into high-volume/large-spend buys.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for media-buying and customer-acquisition strategy by developing and managing profitable buys for multiple brands and advertisers; leveraging creative and marketing knowledge to develop landing pages, campaigns for specific brands and publishers; and managing the execution of campaigns that exceed business goals. The media buyer will also drive and optimize key traffic and revenue metrics; manage CPM, CPL, CPA, CPC and CPV campaigns; review backend performance; and develop strong relationships with publishers to continually test and optimize programs.

To apply for this job, candidates must have a bachelor's degree with five to seven years' experience in online marketing and strong analytical abilities. They must also be self-starters with a passion for media buying and online marketing, as well as excellent communication skills.

Compensation includes a competitive salary commensurate with experience, as well as individual and family medical insurance, dental insurance and a vision-care option.

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