School Newsletter Includes Lynching of Black Cartoon Character

Racist cartoon sparks controversy at a California middle school.


A substitute teacher is in hot water after she sent out a newsletter depicting a black Peanuts character with a noose tied around his neck. The newsletter, sent last week from Sequoia Middle School in California, included the words "white pride" under the character.

School officials claim that the incident may be a big mistake because the picture was part of evidence in a school hate-crime investigation from three years ago.

Principal Connie Cirimeli told the community that the teacher may have added the image without even noticing and then sent it out without having other staffers proofread it. She said that proper action would be taken against the teacher.

We hope that the action will be the teacher's firing. Whether or not it was a mistake, people have to understand that one mistake can ruin your life, and it's better to be careful than to be sorry.

Read more at the Washington Post.

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