Autopsy Shows FAMU Student Had Major Bleeding, Bruising

Champion was badly bruised on his arms, chest, shoulders and back at the time of his death.


An autopsy released yesterday shows that FAMU student Robert Champion had extensive bleeding in his back and right shoulder at the time of his death last month. Champion, who was a member of the university's famed band, died Nov. 19 during a "hemorrhagic shock" brought upon by a brutal hazing. The autopsy also indicates that he suffered extensive bruising and swelling as well as numerous abrasions.

The case, which has been labeled a homicide, has sparked a national outcry over hazing. Florida Gov. Rick Scott even called for the firing of FAMU President James Ammons, but the board of trustees declined to do so. The school placed longtime band director Julian White on administrative leave.

As we find out more about this case, we discover how brutal the culture of hazing can be. We usually think of it in a fun, playful manner, but the last few years have shown us that hazing is a serious problem, and many of our children who join fraternities or sororities are at risk.

Schools need to police these collegiate organizations much more before they have another case like Champion's on their hands.

Read more at the Orlando Sentinel.

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