Etta James Hospitalized for Breathing Trouble

The legendary singer's health troubles continue as she struggles to stay alive in a Los Angeles hospital.

Terminally ill blues singer Etta James’ health took a turn for the worse Wednesday when she had to be rushed to a hospital for breathing trouble.

James, who is suffering from both leukemia and dementia, is now battling an infection called sepsis, which was brought on by a urinary tract infection.

Lupe De Leon, James’ manager, told CNN that the singer is in “bad shape” and her release date has yet to be determined. The “At Last” singer has mostly received at-home care up until now.

A judge on Monday set aside $350,000 for her care and transferred authority over her care to her husband of 42 years, Artis Mills. Her doctors have the power to send her home or keep her hospitalized, according to the judge.

Her primary doctor, Elaine James, said that the singer was told she had terminal leukemia and that her fans don’t know “how bad her condition really is.”

She requested prayers from all of James’ fans for the singer’s recovery.

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