Rumor Mongering at Its Most Despicable

In an entry at her Angry Black Lady Chronicles blog, Imani Gandy tackles the rumor that the Department of Homeland Security was behind the Zuccotti Park raid on Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Occupy Wall Street protesters (Getty Images)

In an entry at her Angry Black Lady Chronicles blog, Imani Gandy challenges a story by journalist Naomi Wolf alleging that the federal government was responsible for the raid on Zuccotti Park. The rumor is baseless and should be put to bed, she writes.

Two weeks ago, a rumor circulated that the Department of Homeland Security was “behind” the crackdown at Zuccotti Park. The rumor originated with Michael Moore who got it from a thinly-sourced article in I wrote about it here and here.

The author of the article, Rick Ellis, published multiple updates to his thinly-sourced post, and promised that he would provide more information once he had it. That was on November 15. No further information has been provided.

I figured it had been settled. As Joshua Holland, writing for Alternet noted, “There’s a lot of speculation, but very little substance to the tale of the “nationwide” crackdown on the Occupy movement.

So I figured this rumor would be put to bed.  I was wrong.

Today -- ten days after the rumor had been debunked -- Naomi Wolf saw fit to write an article so fraught with hyperbole -- “what happened this week is the first battle in a civil war” -- and so utterly fact-free that its publication should hang like an albatross around Naomi Wolf’s neck for the rest of her career. It is Judith Miller-style hackery, and it is shameless.

Read Imani Gandy's entire blog entry at Angry Black Lady Chronicles.

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