Man Accuses Girlfriend of Stealing Sperm

In today's link roundup: A Texas man accuses his girlfriend of the ultimate scheme to get pregnant. Plus: FAMU band director fights back after firing.


Man accuses girlfriend of stealing sperm to get pregnant: Joe Pressil is suing the Advanced Fertility Center of Texas. He claims that his girlfriend of six months underwent IVF there using sperm she culled from condoms and brought into the clinic, became pregnant and is now trying to collect child support.  

FAMU band director fights back after firing: Julian White was fired last week following the death of a drum major in an alleged hazing incident after the Florida Classic football game in Orlando. In a letter released to the media over the weekend, an attorney for White said that in his client's 22 years with the FAMU band, he had a zero-tolerance policy on hazing, but he did not receive the needed support from the administration.

Israel's backers step up efforts to get black support: An October meeting in Brooklyn, N.Y., was billed as "A Gathering of Solidarity With the State of Israel," sponsored by Christians United for Israel, the biggest Christian Zionist group in the country, CNN reports.

Congo polls open after weekend of violence: Voting began Monday, but the African nation could be plunged into violence again if it is unable to agree on the results of the presidential and legislative election, NPR reports.

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