Cain Can't Whitewash Affair

In light of allegations of a 13-year affair with Ginger White, Jonathan Capehart writes in his Washington Post column, it is only fitting that Herman Cain reassess his campaign.

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In a blog entry at the Washington Post, columnist Jonathan Capehart writes that GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain is right to reassess his campaign in light of allegations that he had a long-term affair with Georgia businesswoman Ginger White.

Ginger White of Atlanta is now the fifth woman to be connected in a not-so-flattering way to Herman Cain. White is the third of these women to put a face on allegations that the former front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination had a roving eye. She is the second to tell her story. Over the course of 13 years, Winter told the Fox affiliate in Atlanta, she and Cain were what the kids would call friends with benefits.

... Believe me, I understand the desire for a zone of privacy. In this age of Twitter and Facebook said zone by now might be a quaint notion. But when Cain decided to run for president, he put himself under the most intense microscope in the world. Some questions are vitally important. Others are seemingly trivial, such as why did White, who was neither a relative nor a family friend, have Cain’s personal cell phone number? Why were they in communication as early as 4 a.m.? Why was Cain helping her financially? So far, Cain’s answers have been unsatisfactory. No wonder he’s now “reassessing” his campaign.

My heart goes out to Gloria Cain.

Read Jonathan Capehart's entire blog entry at the Washington Post.

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