The Rapper You Could Bring Home to Mama

Heavy D, who died Tuesday at the age of 44, kept fans dancing -- and also kept it clean.

Heavy D & the Boyz in 1988 (Getty Images).
Heavy D & the Boyz in 1988 (Getty Images).

One of his lesser-known hits, yet a favorite among devout fans, is 1991’s “Don’t Curse.” On the song, its guest artists — some of hip-hop’s most respected rappers, including Big Daddy Kane and Kool G. Rap — were forbidden to use any expletives in their verses. Q-Tip rhymed, “Don’t want to hear no drama, because the bum-diddly Hev is a fav of my momma’s.”

Indeed, Heavy D was the rapper you could let your mother listen to without fear of offending her, and we all loved him for that.

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