Cornel West Predicts Fight for Entitlements in 'the Streets'

He says that civil disobedience will help win more dollars for the poor in the struggling economy.

Cornel West (Getty Images)

In an appearance on MSNBC, Princeton professor Cornel West said that there may be more civil disobedience as more people become frustrated by the poverty rate, especially as it relates to children. Read the transcript from Real Clear Politics:

"I think the problem is that the poor children, keep in mind it's 42% of poor children who live at or near poverty, it's 25% in poverty. Our audience needs to keep that in mind," West said on MSNBC this afternoon.

"Poor children need more than just a $1,000 for their family, they need a war against poverty to make it a major priority in the way which we have a priority for Afghanistan, and a priority to bail out banks, and a priority to defend corporate interests when it comes to environmental issues," West said about more and new entitlements for the poor.

West didn't just call for another war on poverty (the first war was fought by Lyndon B. Johnson), but went on to say that the push for more entitlements "is going to be fought in the streets." West showered the Occupy movement with praise for making people aware of the issue.

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West does have a point about the important impact of civil disobedience. Occupy Wall Street has certainly captured the attention of more lawmakers and corporate America than any single activist or media outlet. The key word, however, is civil. Otherwise, nothing gets accomplished.

Read more at Real Clear Politics and Fox News.

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