Conrad Murray Sentenced to 4 Years

The judge handed down the maximum term for his involuntary-manslaughter conviction in Michael Jackson's death.


Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, who earlier this month was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the pop superstar's drug-overdose death, was sentenced today to four years behind bars, CBS News reports. However, it's possible that he'll serve only half of that time because of overcrowding in California jails.

CBS News reports:

Several members of Jackson's family, including mother Katherine and siblings LaToya, Jermaine, Randy and Rebbie, attended the proceedings. Before the sentencing, a representative read a statement on behalf of the Jackson family.

The statement, read by attorney Brian Panish, included elements representing the views of Jackson's children, parents and siblings. Panish did not specifically request the maximum term of four years in jail for Murray, but said the cardiologist should be punished in a way that reminds physicians that they cannot sell their services to the highest bidder.

Prosecutors had asked that Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor sentence Murray to the maximum four-year term, while defense attorneys wanted probation for the cardiologist, saying he will lose his ability to practice medicine and likely face a lifetime of ostracism.

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