5-Year-Old Cuffed and Charged With Assault

In today's link roundup: A kindergartner with ADHD is treated like a hardened criminal. Plus: First class to graduate from Oprah's academy.


5-year-old cuffed and charged with assault: Michael Davis' school invited a police officer to campus to "scare [him] straight," Gawker reports. When the kindergartner, who has ADHD, wouldn't calm down, he was handcuffed, taken to a psychiatric hospital and charged with assault. It's pretty hard to imagine how anyone thought this would be effective, or how responding to a temper tantrum was the best use of the community's law-enforcement resources that day.

First class to graduate from Oprah's academy: At the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy For Girls in South Africa, the 72 girls who were the school's first students in 2007 are preparing for their graduation ceremony in January. Next up: They've all been accepted to college.

Comcast accused of discriminating against African Americans: A federal lawsuit filed Monday in Chicago accused Comcast Corp. of discriminating against the African-American employees of its South Side facility and its own customers by requiring workers to install defective or bug-infested equipment into residents' homes, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Oldest black church in U.S. restored in Boston: Following a painstaking, $9 million restoration, the African Meeting House building is set to reopen to the public early next month.

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