Santorum on Gay Marriage: I'd Die on That Hill

He says marriage equality is as immoral as slavery.


In a comment that some seem to be interpreting to mean he'd literally give his life to prevent same-sex couples from getting married, GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum said in a recent interview,  "I'll die on that hill," when asked about his pledge to fight for a federal ban on same-sex marriage.

Santorum, who was talking to editor Shane Vander Hart, was most likely referring to his willingness to risk his political life on the issue. He also lashed out against front-runner Herman Cain for not showing the same commitment to opposing gay marriage.

"Leaders should be out there advocating for what is in the best interest of our society and what's in the best interest of mothers and fathers and children, and I'm going to do that," Santorum said in an interview with Radio Iowa.

"I have done it and I have done it here in Iowa, and I don't know of anybody else in this campaign, including Herman Cain, who has made that kind of blanket commitment to the institution of marriage and the stability of the family."

Unbelievably, the "I'll die" proclamation wasn't even the most overblown and unnecessarily dramatic comment in the interview. Santorum also proclaimed that marriage equality was equal to slavery in terms of its immorality, the Wisconsin Gazette reports. We have our suspicions about whether the vocal opponent of equality would have been willing to die on that hill. 

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