It’s Not Beyoncé, It’s You

Despite what critics say, the superstar isn't the one shoving her pregnancy down our throats.

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Neither Beyoncé, her fans nor members of the press believe that she is preparing to give birth to R&B’s answer to Jesus.

That’s why I’m a bit befuddled when her critics, particularly Francie Latour, who wrote this recent piece on The Root, suggest such a thing. That premise is as silly as it is mean-spirited. Latour implies that the superstar is force-feeding her pregnancy onto the world, which is surprising, given that Beyoncé is never a major focal point of discussion in the world of celebrity journalism. Right?

As someone who has kept up with Beyoncé since Destiny’s Child days, I know that she has battled pregnancy rumors for years. In the past, she’s joked about the baby-bump rumors showing up every three months. Now that the rumors are finally proving true and she’s excited, some people are taking issue with it. The criticism is unfounded, and the frustrations misdirected.

Beyoncé is one of the few celebrities who haven’t indulged in the practice of giving away intricate details of their personal lives for professional gain. Thanks to blogs, social media and a salacious appetite for all things celebrity, I’ve seen stars exposed in ways only their doctors, significant others or at the very least really good tippers should see.

Beyoncé is not a Kardashian, offering four-hour, two-night specials centered on special moments like her wedding ceremony (no offense, Kim, I watched every hour). In fact, we still don’t even know what Beyoncé’s wedding looked like, because she felt that event was sacred and private. The same can be said of her decade-long relationship with Jay-Z, about which she has offered scant details.

This level of privacy is an obvious trend for the Houston native, and the allegation that she’s suddenly hamming it up as she prepares to give birth in February warrants strong skepticism. According to Latour’s piece, this alleged attention seeking is a direct contrast to the actions of her recently pregnant famous peers, such as Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys. Of Carey’s pregnancy, Latour writes that the singer was “downright cagey for months.”

It’s true that Carey didn’t spill her pregnancy secret until she was more than showing, but once she started talking, she and husband Nick Cannon told all to People, Us Weekly and Life & Style. Several times. Mariah even posed nude for OK! magazine, à la Demi Moore, another once-pregnant celebrity who purportedly “behaved better” than Beyoncé. There was also constant Twitter talk of “#dembabies” and picture uploads — like Mariah’s twin-carrying belly decorated like an Easter egg.