Does Writing About Race Make You Racist?

In a blog post at ESPN, Jemele Hill responds to readers' complaints about her commentary on race.

Despite perceptions by some readers, ESPN blogger Jemele Hill says that she does not write about race in sports all the time — but just bringing up race also doesn’t make her racist.

“Why are you such a racist?”

I’m asked that every time I write a column about race. It baffles me. I’ve never used a racial slur in a column. I’ve never advocated discriminating against anyone based on race, gender or religion. I like white people. I like brown people. I like black people.

If they existed, I’m sure I’d like green people.

But according to many of those who responded to my recent column on Cam Newton — in which I point out that Panthers owner Jerry Richardson did Newton a favor by discouraging him from getting any tattoos or earrings — bringing race into the Newton discussion was unwarranted and further proof that I’m obsessed with race.

Michael Morris of Little Rock, Ark., wrote: “Why do you insist on writing about racism in the NFL? Racism is alive because people keep bringing it back into the picture.”

Read Jemele Hill’s entire column at ESPN.