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Mr. President, Ignore Boehner!

In his blog, Roland S. Martin urges Barack Obama to use old-school community-organizer tacks to fight House Speaker John Boehner in the latest spat.

President Barack Obama (Getty Images)

In his blog at Roland S. Martin, Martin called on President Barack Obama to show his toughness in the latest squabble with House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) over his request to speak before a joint session of Congress.

When President Barack Obama was a community organizer in Chicago and the powers that be were ignoring the voice of the people, he and others would lead the regular folks to the streets to show their dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Now that House Speaker John Boehner has tried to trump the president in his request to speak before a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, citing "security" concerns, Obama should ignore them and make his major jobs bill announcement before real Americans who, unlike Congress, don't have regular jobs, don't earn a taxpayer-funded six-figure check, didn't take a five-week vacation, don't have the best health care taxpayers can buy and can't count on a wonderful taxpayer-provided pension ...

If Obama is about showing a renewed toughness with Congress, this is where it starts. It's time for him to use the power of the presidency and assert himself. Forget "No Drama Obama." Chuck out the window the cool, cautious demeanor his staff loves to trumpet. Maybe going a little rogue will help revitalize his presidency, in which he’s increasingly seen as leading from behind.

Read Martin's entire blog entry at Roland S. Martin.

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