Romney All Over the Place on Immigration

The GOP presidential candidate is groping for a position that voters will accept, says Adam Serwer in his blog for Mother Jones.

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney (Getty Images)

Adam Serwer, in a blog entry for Mother Jones, tackles GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's changing position on immigration as he gropes for a voter-friendly viewpoint.

[Massachusetts] Governor Mitt Romney's flip-flops on immigration are less dramatic than his switch from ardent pro-choicer to opposing abortion in almost all circumstances, but they might be more convoluted.

A pro-immigration reform group, America's Voice, released a report Wednesday in advance of the GOP presidential debate tracing the Republican candidates' evolution on immigration policy. Romney is all over the place.

As governor, Romney vetoed a state-level DREAM Act that would have granted in-state tuition to undocumented immigrant students and pushed for a larger role for local authorities in enforcing federal immigration laws. But he also stuck up for Bush's comprehensive immigration reform bill in 2005, defending the president from charges of pursuing "amnesty." In 2006, Romney said Republicans opposing Bush on immigration had "made a big mistake."

Read Adam Serwer's entire blog post at Mother Jones.

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