A 100-Year-Old Civil Rights Vet Speaks

Amelia Boynton Robinson shares her thoughts on President Obama, the Tea Party and the secret to long life.

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The Root: To what do you attribute your longevity?

ABR: Love. Love God. Love yourself. He gave us everything. He wants us to use everything he gave us to help others. What do we need to do to live a long time? Clean up our minds. Realize that hate destroys us. But love sustains us.

The Root: What advice do you offer today's youths?

ABR: Love yourself. You can't love other people unless you love yourself first. When you have love for yourself, you have respect. You have dignity. You know who you are, and you cultivate [what you are] to make it all it can be.

The U.S. Park Service gave me 99 roses last year. They were all different colors. I looked at them and thought, these are just like us. We are a beautiful race of people, and we come in all shades, colors and sizes.

Denise Stewart is a freelance writer in Alabama.

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