VIDEO: Mariah on HSN: Sales or Comedy?

With all the diva's postpregnancy antics, it was hard to concentrate on the products for sale.  

Mariah Carey debuted a new collection of fashion, jewelry, shoes and fragrances in a two-hour spot on HSN last night, during which her antics made it hard to focus on the products she was supposed to be selling. Even the host seemed confused. Highlights included:

“I don’t even know what you guys are charging!”

Tips on how to mix and match to avoid “Hi, we’re twins” moments when wearing jewelry similar to friends’.

“I need a fragrant moment.”

Lots of commentary about the “20 zillion cameras,” including, “Take the camera off me, please! I know it’s on me! Last time we had an issue. I won’t get into it.”

Her insistence that a necklace can double as a tiara.

“There’s always drama … it follows me … sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bleak.”

Although the singer complains to no end about what pregnancy with twins did to her body, she clearly didn’t lose her, um, unique personality.