What’s the Story on Our Redesign?

Change is good. Learn about our new offerings.

*Larger homepage lightbox: Expanded in size for easy viewing — containing more content tied to breaking news topics and a wider variety of the sites offerings.

*Video functionality on homepage: Instant gratification for visitors who enjoy video content via a Must-See-Media module.

*New content offerings: Readers will be able to share the news in their own lives with the Celebrations Gallery Section, which enables readers to post announcements for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and births. The Opinion Round Up Section highlights insightful viewpoints from notable columnists and bloggers focusing on politics, culture and more. The Roots Section offers genealogical information, including advice by Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., who is The Root‘s editor-in-chief.

Since its inception in 2008, The Root has become the leading source for original news, content and commentary relating to the black community and matters of race. The Root continues to drive the cultural conversation by raising the profile of black culture, people and perspective in the media at large. As of June 2011, the site enjoys a three-month average of 1.5 million monthly unique visitors (comScore) and a robust social media following. The Root is published by The Slate Group, a Division of the Washington Post Company.

About The Root.com

The Root is the leading online source of news and commentary from an African-American perspective. Founded in 2008 under the leadership of Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr. of Harvard University, The Root offers a unique take on breaking news, provides solid analysis and presents dynamic multimedia content. The Root raises the profile of black voices in mainstream media and engages anyone interested in black culture around the world. The Root is owned by the Washington Post Company.