The Wittiness of Weinergate: The Best Headlines

Wisecracking wit is all the rage in "Weinergate" coverage.


New York Rep. Anthony Weiner sparked a media frenzy over salacious allegations that he tweeted a lewd photo to a 21-year-old Seattle female college student. After days of keeping quiet, the representative broke his silence, accusing hackers of sending the photo from his Twitter account.

With outlandish conspiracy theories and comical developments, the media circus has brought out its arsenal of wit to describe one of the year's most humorous political stories. Here are just a few of Weinergate's best headlines:

"Anthony Weiner's Junk Defense": The Daily Beast's Howard Kurtz examines how Weiner's elusive comments are helping to fuel the flames of Weinergate. Kurtz lets the reader in on how Weiner's various miscalculations may have exacerbated the innocuous buzz of the nameless-crotch shot.

"Battle of the Bulge: Weiner Exposed": Brash and bold headlines are the New York Post's specialty, and Weinergate is no different. If the colossal "Weiner Exposed" wasn't enough, the Post added a little explainer: "Admits: Could be my weiner in Twitter pic."

"Weiner's Pickle": Not to be one-upped by the Post, the New York Daily News went a different way, using food to play up the story's endless innuendo.

"The Anthony Weiner Mystery: A Tough News Package to Handle": Time magazine's James Poniewozik delves into the media's colorful and countless terminology for the involved appendage. Poniewozik examines the conspiracy theories surrounding Weinergate with a grain of salt and an ounce of humor.

"Weiner Gets Grilled": Politico's Jennifer Epstein recaps House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's appeal to Weiner to "come clean" on Fox News' Fox and Friends. Epstein's article isn't free of the endless witticisms, however. The lower third of the news clip reads, "Weiner Gets Grilled."

In other news: John Edwards Indicted.

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