Ten Stars You Didn't Know Were Greek, Wayne Brady's Wholesome Kiddie Rap and More

Ten famous members of black sororities, and Wayne Brady's alternative to age-inappropriate music. Plus: NAACP sues Myrtle Beach for discrimination against black bikers. 

Wanda Sykes (Getty Images)

Ten famous black Greeks: Most well-known members of black sororities are honorary (no offense to them, says Madamenoir, who compiled the list). Here are 10 members of the Pan-Hellenic Council who got in before they were famous. Who knew Wanda Sykes was an AKA?

NAACP sues Myrtle Beach for racism against black bikers: Hotels, motels and restaurants in the Myrtle Beach area have discriminated against African Americans for years by refusing to open during Black Bike Week, the NAACP charges in a pair of federal lawsuits.

Hank Aaron awarded honorary degree from Princeton: Baseball great Hank Aaron was awarded an honorary degree from Princeton University on Tuesday. The university applauded the former home run king for confronting racism during his career with "quiet dignity."

Wayne Brady's wholesome kiddie rap: When Wayne Brady heard his daughter listening to a hit pop tune that was age inappropriate, he decided to go into the studio to lay down some alternative tracks that children could listen to without being forced to grow up too fast. The squeaky-clean lyrics are about eating your vegetables and growing tall and strong.

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