Static: Black Comic Character Returns

DC Comics plans to reintroduce the African-American hero.


Big news for black comic book fans: News One reports that DC Comics has announced the return of comics featuring Static, a 15-year-old named Virgil Hawkins who is one of the publisher's African-American heroes.

The character was the creation of the late writer Dwayne McDuffie and artist John Paul Leon, who were dedicated to seeing more minorities in the pages of comic books. The pair collaborated on the character while working at Milestone Media, the first major comic book imprint to feature nonwhite lead characters.

Static Shock will be written by John Rozum and Scott McDaniel, who will also handle art duties. We're guessing that their updates to the character for 2011 might involve replacing that signature Malcolm X hat with something a bit more contemporary.

Read more at News One.

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