Southern Baptists Elect First African-American Vice President

Fred Luter is poised to become the first black head of the nation's largest Protestant denomination.

The Rev. Fred Luter (Google)

The Washington Post is reporting that the nation's largest Protestant denomination has chosen an African American to serve as its No. 2 officer in a historic election.

The Southern Baptist Convention elected the Rev. Fred Luter to the position of first vice president Tuesday at its annual conference in Phoenix. The 54-year-old Luter has been the head pastor of a SBC affiliate church in New Orleans since 1986.

Some Southern Baptist leaders have expressed hope that his election will mean a rise to president next year when the 2012 convention is held in his hometown.

In recent years, the SBC has seen a decline in overall membership and attendance. At the meeting in Phoenix on Tuesday and Wednesday, delegates are considering a resolution that aims to help diversify the denomination.

We find it funny that organizations always want to figure out how to "diversify" when there is a drop in membership, meaning money. Nonetheless, congratulations to Luter on his historic election. We're certain that Luter knows that being the first of any position, let alone first black vice president, means that he will be under heightened scrutiny. If he has made it this far, then he should do well.

Read more at the Washington Post.

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