South Africa's Leon 'DJ Solarize' Botha Dies from Progeria

DJ Solarize was a musician, hip-hop visual artist and one of the world's oldest living progerians.

DJ Leon "Solarize" Botha dies. (Google)

Leon "DJ Solarize" Botha, the South African painter and tourntablist who declared "I am hip-hop" through his visual art, has died at the age of 26. Botha, who was diagnosed with progeria at age 4, suffered a stroke related to the disease in 2010, and his health continued to decline over the last year. Progeria is a rare degenerative genetic disorder that accelerates the aging process. The Mail & Guardian reports that he was the oldest documented person living with the disease, which usually limits life expectancy to the teens.

In 2007 Botha staged his first solo art exhibition, "Liquid Sword; I Am HipHop," which centered on the genre's culture. He is most famous for his collaboration with hip-hop collective Die Antwoord on their international hit "Enter the Ninja" and is featured in the music video.

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