Poll: Palin Popular With GOP Voters but Can't Beat Obama

Apparently, being popular isn't enough.

Sarah Palin is popular with GOP voters. (Getty)

Yahoo News is reporting that CNN/Opinion Research Corp. has released the results of a poll that finds Sarah Palin is popular with Republican voters, yet they do not believe that she can beat President Obama in the 2012 elections.

Even after Palin's Paul Revere gaffe, her popularity has not waned with many Republican voters, 60 percent of whom believe that she is qualified to be president.

Palin scored highest among potential GOP candidates when respondents were asked to gauge the applicability of certain statements, like whether or not she "represents values of Republicans like yourself" (79 percent) and "generally agrees with you on issues you care about" (80 percent).

She also ranks highest on "Is not a typical politician," outscoring her next rival, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, 70 percent to 53 percent. Although 65 percent think that she is a "strong and decisive leader," she trails Giuliani and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Despite Palin's popularity with GOP voters, only 44 percent of the GOP voters polled believe that she could beat Obama next November; 54 percent do not.

Being president shouldn't be a popularity contest, but unfortunately for some, it is. However, this poll demonstrates that many voters appear to be sophisticated enough to understand the difference between a popular candidate and an electable one. Palin can continue her popularity march across the country, but in the end, if she decides to officially enter the race, she has to come with something better than her "Yay, America!" routine.

Read more at Yahoo News.

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