Nigeria: Explosion Kills 4 Children

It came just after a suspected suicide-bomber attack on the national police headquarters. 

Emergency workers rush to the scene of the police-headquarters bombing. (Reuters)

Reuters is reporting that an explosion near a church in Nigeria's northeastern state of Borno -- a region that has been plagued by attacks by a radical Islamist sect -- killed four children today:

The blast in the town of Damboa, around 90 km (56 miles) south of the state capital Maiduguri, came just hours after a suspected suicide bomber detonated explosives outside the national police headquarters in the capital Abuja.

"The children were playing in a compound near the church when the blast went off, killing the four and wounding another," Borno state police commissioner Jinjiri Abubakar told Reuters, adding that the blast appeared to have been caused by a bomb.

Boko Haram, a radical Islamist group which wants a wider application of strict Islamic law across northern Nigeria, is suspected of being behind almost daily attacks in Borno state for several months.

Police believe that the same group is responsible for the attack on their headquarters on Thursday, which killed several people.

Read more at Reuters.

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