Michele Bachmann Announces Presidential Bid, Steals GOP Spotlight

Bachmann declares that Barack Obama will be a one-term president.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) joins the presidential race. (Getty)

Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast thinks that Michele Bachmann should not be underestimated. According to Kurtz, the Minnesota congresswoman used her bluntness and charm to overshadow the men at the GOP debate -- announcing her presidential bid and passionately defending the Tea Party. Bachmann also used the opportunity to declare that President Obama would be a one-term president.

Kurtz reports she offered a passionate and inclusive defense of the Tea Party, saying that unlike the distorted picture painted by the media, the movement includes “disaffected Democrats,” “independents,” “libertarians” and “people who have never been political a day in their lives.” That, she declares, “is why the left fears it so much.”

She even positioned herself as a truth teller, saying she “fought against my own party” behind closed doors by opposing the Bush administration’s much reviled TARP bailout plan. She also made another declaration: "I will not rest until ObamaCare is repealed ... it's a promise, take it to the bank, cash the check."

This from the woman who thinks the forefathers fought tirelessly to end slavery. We won't mention that a high school student actually challenged her to a debate on the Constitution after her loose interpretation of the document.


Bachmann, a mother of five who breast-fed all of her children, slammed first lady Michelle Obama for promoting breast-feeding as a healthy choice. That critique seemed oxymoronic at best and moronic at worst. Yeah, we wouldn't use truth and Bachmann in the same sentence.

As for tough talk -- it will only go so far. Ross Perot, anyone? We watched the debate and found all of the candidates to be a little muddled in their ability to pose concrete solutions to problems facing the country.


We also find it interesting that the GOP freely elevates candidates like Palin and Bachmann while overlooking other female Republican candidates who are smart, seasoned and electable but aren't "momshells" like these two. Is this the GOP's version of diversity? Bachmann may have the GOP and the rest of the media excited and impressed, but not us -- at least not yet.

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