Desperate Mother Sells Obama Letter

The single mother of three puts her letter from President Obama up for sale. 

Destiny Mathis is selling letter from President Obama to make ends meet. (Google)

Yahoo News is reporting that Destiny Mathis, a struggling young mother from Indiana, is selling a letter sent to her from Barack Obama. Last November, Mathis wrote to the president that even though she graduated at the top of her college class and worked for years as a surgical technologist, she had lost her job in January after complications with her pregnancy.

"I am so afraid this dreaded economy is going to have my family homeless," she wrote, according to NBC5, the Chicago network affiliate. The president wrote back a handwritten note on White House stationery.

"Please know that things will get better for you and your family," he wrote. Mathis is now weeks away from being evicted from her home.

The 26-year-old is selling the note to Gary Zimet, who has sold eight other letters from the president so far for up to $20,000 on his site, Moments in Time. He's asking for $11,000. A Michigan woman sold a letter from Obama in October for $7,000 to help pay for her cancer treatment and for a down payment on a house. 

This is yet another example of the tough times that Americans are facing. Although it is kind for President Obama to offer words of hope and encouragement to Americans via personal letters, we need action in the form of job creation.

So many Americans need help, but meanwhile, members of Congress are still pushing for more spending cuts on social services while lobbying for another tax cut for the wealthy. There aren't enough jobs, even for college-educated and skilled workers, and the programs in place to help are being cut. How many young mothers have to be out on the street before something is done to help them?

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