British Intelligence Swaps al-Qaida Bomb Instructions for Cupcake Recipes

Instead of a bomb-making tutorial, al-Qaida members found yummy cupcake recipes from The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


When members of al-Qaida took to an website to download a internet tutorial on how to make a bomb, they were probably shocked and disappointed to find a recipe for cupcakes instead.

Last year, British intelligence officers hacked into an English-language jihadist online magazine, Inspire, and swapped out dangerous bomb-making tutorials with cupcake recipes. The 67-page magazine, read by al-Qaida supporters in the Arabian Peninsula, initially contained articles by Osama bin Laden and his followers on topics such as what to expect in jihad.

"A recipe for cupcakes is better than a recipe for bombs, but it would been more productive if they had put up counter-arguments to al-Qaida," anti-extremism activist James Brandon told the Associated Press. "They could have also attacked [Anwar al-Awlaki, an extremist leader associated with the magazine] himself. It should be about discrediting these individuals."

One can't help wondering if they eventually used the recipes, but then again, something tells us they're not the baking type.

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