Blacks: Having the Most Homophobic Month Ever

From athlete David Tyree's anti-marriage-equality stance to rapper Tyler, the Creator's slurs to Tracy Morgan's rant, June has been full of anti-gay outbursts.

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Black folks may be having the most homophobic month ever, but Tracy Morgan and David Tyree are not the enemies. They have no power. The true enemy is institutionalized homophobia being upheld by a cherry-picking government. So while folks rage at Tyree and Morgan, they are harmless duds -- yet they represent a very real problem.

Of course, not every black person is homophobic; nor are we more homophobic than whites. But there is a particular bombastic banter that many African Americans think they can get away with because we are a minority ourselves. In the way that some whites tiptoe around racism, we -- particularly the public figures in our community -- should tiptoe around homosexuality.

Gays are not just white men. They are poor, middle class, disabled, Native American, black, Asian, Latino, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, single mothers, single fathers and any other identity you can imagine. If any of us desires to damn people to hell, we can all dig for a user-friendly Bible verse to validate our hatred. But God loves us all. Life, whether it begins out of wedlock or within marriage; and love, whether it's gay, straight or on crack, are human rights that should be experienced authentically.

Clay Cane is a New York City-based journalist. You can read more of his work here. Follow him on Twitter. 

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