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We'd like to know what you think about blacks and fatherhood.

Granddad, dad and son (iStockphoto)

The role of fathers and what it takes to be a good one are popular topics these days. Comedian Bill Cosby, whose role as the wise Cliff Huxtable made him America's favorite TV dad, has taken African Americans to task over the high percentage of black children growing up with unmarried parents. President Barack Obama, who himself saw his dad infrequently while growing up, has taken a special interest in the issue of fatherhood.

Being a father, especially a black father, can be tough, but many African-American dads say that fatherhood is one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives, if not the most rewarding.

What do you think? What's the meaning of fatherhood, especially for African Americans today? Share your thoughts. Take The Root's Father's Day survey!

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