Allen West Fires Intern Over Unauthorized Retweet

The retweet involved comments about Tracy Morgan's son.

Rep. Allen West admits retweet came from an office intern. (Getty)

Neda Semnani of Roll Call is reporting that on Friday afternoon, someone tweeted from Rep. Allen West's Twitter account: “Very sorry about the unauthorized RT. We were not hacked, an intern made an error. Apologies to all.” The man who famously once said, "Don't Try to Blow Sunshine Up My Butt," is giving us the real story -- a rogue intern did something without his permission.

What was the unauthorized tweet, pray tell? It was a tweet from the Scissor Sisters, the very out-of-the-closet three-person band specializing in dance tracks and camp.

The group tweeted: “Dear Tracy Morgan’s son: if you are gay, you can TOTALLY come live with me. We’ll read James Baldwin & watch Paris is Burning. xxANA.”

How exactly did a retweet of this tweet come about? West and his staff were at a retreat in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and left interns to manage the office.

No disrespect toward interns, but leaving interns to manage anything, let alone a political office, is not a good idea. They are just that -- interns -- students or people young in their careers learning about a particular field. They are not employees, and even if they are, they require supervision. Kudos to West for not destroying his political career by lying about the retweet like Anthony Weiner. 'Westgate' would have been too much to handle.

Read more at Roll Call.

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