The Daily Show’s Wyatt Cenac Talks Race and Comedy

He doesn't want to be known as "the black correspondent."


JC: How did you avoid being put in that “black comedy” category? You’re more associated with The Daily Show and your stand-up televised debut is on Comedy Central, not BET.

WC: Well, there’s also the alternative [comedy] world, and I very quickly got put into that world. There aren’t a lot of minorities who get put in that world. Me, Craig Robinson, W. Kamau Bell — there are comedians who got placed on that track, and it’s a weird thing, because I remember in L.A. there were black shows that were like The Big Black show and it was always a struggle for me to get into that world, because I’d already been put on this other track. And on this other track I’m at X level, but then if I wanted to do the ” ‘Mo Betta’ Mondays” at the Improv, it didn’t matter what level I was at in the alternative world. I had to start from ground zero and earn their trust and pay dues in that world.

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