Is Facebook the New Face of Racism?

How a Tumblr page is exposing the world of Facebook racism.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Although some argue that the era of the in-the-flesh racist may be nearing an end, racism is not, finding its newest home on the pages of Facebook, according to

Among the seemingly infinite number of Facebook pages and profiles exists the new guise of racism, documented by the blog NotRacistBut's 18 pages are populated with unabashed racist rants, many of which come with the disclaimer "I'm not racist, but ... "

Run by a lone college student, NotRacistBut blurs the names of racist offenders but not their profile pictures, proving that what you put online may rear its head. uses openly available posts and comments from Facebook to paint a disillusioning picture of a not-so-postracial society, illustrating that the world of backdoor bigotry is not as private as it seems. 

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