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D.C. Church to Be Powered by Solar Energy

Florida Avenue Baptist Church is the first black church in the nation's capital to rely on solar energy for electrical power.


Florida Avenue Baptist Church, a 99-year-old church in Washington, D.C., is getting an efficient-energy face-lift. At a ribbon-cutting ceremony last week, EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson celebrated the installation of 44 solar-energy panels. The panels will reduce the church's energy bill by 15 percent, up to $450 a month.

From the Washington Post:

"This is an important first," said Jackson, whose agency recently started a faith-based initiative to increase clean-energy awareness among religious groups. "They’re saying: We're going to take the lead in helping African American homes to become energy efficient."

The church’s pastor, the Rev. Earl D. Trent Jr., said the panels' installation, by a North Carolina-based company in March, was important not only because the church will save money on its $3,000 monthly electric bill from Pepco but also because it will reduce "dirty" coal-fired energy and enable him to establish a "green ministry" that could awaken churchgoers who know little to nothing about clean energy and its benefits.

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