Why Kobe's Slur Wasn't Anti-Gay

Not all members of the gay community think the basketball star's use of the other f-word was homophobic -- and it certainly doesn't compare to using the n-word.

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From Donald Trump to the Westboro Baptist Church folks, the enemies of LGBT liberation are very much alive, well and ready for action. Kobe Bryant, I suspect, simply wants to get back on the basketball court. Pro sports is a fiery realm of testosterone laced with narcissism, where terms like "faggot" are often used with impunity. One day Bryant may call yet another referee a "fucking faggot." But unless he believes that ref is gay – sorry, John Amaechi -- "faggot" will still not be the new "nigger."

David Kaufman is a New York-based writer who regularly contributes to the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Time and Monocle.

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