Profiling? Cincinnati Police Target Big Rims

The "donks" popular among black drivers have been deemed a threat to public safety. 


NewsOne reports that police in Cincinnati have taken to impounding cars with rims 20 inches or larger, citing a vague public-safety code that they say gives them the authority to do so.

After being impounded, the vehicles must pass a safety inspection before they can be returned to their owners, who pay a fee for that as well as one for towing.

The rims, known as "donks," have become popular with black drivers. Police say it's simple: Their disproportionate size makes them dangerous (watch the video below), but others wonder about what's really motivating the enforcement efforts:

I'm not a donk guy, myself, but this whole thing just stinks of profiling to me. If you really want to improve safety, why not begin ticketing distracted drivers, who pose more of a risk than someone rolling on a set of 24" rims? If window-rattling bass is the real issue, pass a noise ordinance and begin handing out tickets to offending drivers. If the real issue is a crackdown on culture foreign to you, where does it end?

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