VIDEO: Man Born With 1 Leg Wins NCAA Wrestling Championship

Anthony Robles overcomes the odds to win it all.

Anthony Robles takes down his opponent.

The NCAA basketball tournament has the attention of sports fans during March Madness. Arizona State University wrestler Anthony Robles may take some of the shine away from the storied tournament, with an amazing story of his own. Robles, born without his right leg, captured the NCAA Division I wrestling championship in his weight division on Saturday night. Did we mention that he's undefeated?

He won the tournament in a 7-1 decision over Matt McDonough of Iowa, capping a perfect 36-0 season. Robles, who had jitters before the match, overcame them to defy odds and stereotypes about physically challenged people.

Robles' win proves that anything is possible with the right mindset, focus, determination and will. As you watch the basketball tournament, just remember that the players for VCU aren't the only athletes causing upsets.

Read more at MSNBC. Watch video of the match below:

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