VIDEO: Disco Legend Loleatta Holloway Dead at 64

The singer dies following a brief illness.

Loleatta Holloway passes away at 64.

Gawker is reporting that disco legend and R&B singer Loleatta Holloway has died of heart failure. Holloway is best known for her disco hits "Love Sensation" and "Hit and Run," which were heavily sampled. "Love Sensation" was most famously sampled by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch on their '90s hit "Good Vibrations," for which she provided the hook.

Holloway started her career as a gospel singer, recording with Albertina Walker and the Caravans. She later found success as a disco act in the late 1970s, having four No. 1 singles. Holloways "Re-Light My Fire" with the late Dan Hartman remains a classic. She was 64.

Read more at Gawker. Watch Holloway perform her hit "Hit and Run," Marky Mark's "Good Vibrations" and "Love Machine" below:

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