Tyler Perry's Impact, 'Decoded'

A slide show breaks down the scope of his influence but won’t change anyone's mind about the value of his work.

Tyler Perry (Steven Lovekin/Getty Images)

Whether you love or hate Tyler Perry, you definitely can't deny the influence of the most commercially successful black filmmaker in history. That's according to Black Enterprise's Darralynn Hutson, and there are seven slides to prove it in "Tyler Perry Decoded: The Deals, the Brand, the Influence."

Hutson makes some good observations about the undeniable impact of Perry's work on black theater ("Not since the days of Lorraine Hansberry and Langston Hughes has Black theater been as popular and as relevant"), the black church ("Hollywood is finally waking up to the fact that people who go to church also go to the movies"), and even TBS ("Perry has changed the landscape of a network known for its White bread rerun sitcoms [e.g. Family Guy and Seinfeld] to multi-cultural programming.")

All true.

Nothing about the scope of Perry's influence has ever been a mystery, though. His huge fan base and box office profits speak for themselves there. A more interesting analysis would focus on whether his undeniably enormous footprint on the theater, the church and television has ultimately been negative or positive for the black community. But to "decode" the ongoing debate on that question would take more of a doctoral thesis than a slide show.

Read more at Black Enterprise.

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