Tsunami Hits Hawaii, U.S. West Coast

So far there are no reports of damage in Hawaii, but they are not out of the woods yet. Tsunami waves have begun to reach the west coast of Canada and Oregon. KGMB has a live news feed of the latest.


Updated at 11:33 a.m. ET.

A historic 8.9-magnitude earthquake that killed at least 200-300 people in Japan and sent a tsunami rolling across the Pacific Ocean has hit Hawaii. There have been reports of wave surges up to several feet high, but so far there are no reports of damage, reports CBS affiliate KGMB in Hawaii. However, meteorologists warn that the state isn't out of the woods yet. Tsunami warnings have also been issued for the U.S.-mainland West Coast and Alaska, and the first waves have begun to hit Oregon, Northern California and the west coast of Canada, near Vancouver. No major damage has been reported.

Earlier, the earthquake rattled Tokyo and sent a wall of debris-filled water onshore in northern Japan, washing away buildings and cars. President Barack Obama issued a recent statement today offering condolences and saying that the U.S. stands ready to help Japan recover.

Check out the live news stream from KGMB via CBS News for the latest news from Hawaii.

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